School Council

DSC_0773Welcome to the school council section of the website.

The School Council meet every other Wednesday for approximately 45 minutes, where student representatives raise any issues, feedback and ideas. They also meet with Mr Hale to discuss any issues and decide on what course of action needs to be taken.

The senior prefect team
??Ben Stacey (Head Boy)
? Kate Pattison?(Head Girl)
? Marcus Polledri?(Deputy Head Boy)
? May Al-Moasseb?(Deputy Head Girl)

There will also be two secretaries to the School Council:?Sheehan Quirke and?Annabel May

Due to the results of the student questionnaire, methods on how effective the school council is was discussed and several proposals were made:

(1) Any important items discussed in both the school council and senior prefect team meetings will be announced on a weekly basis in assembly. It was felt that this would be the most effective format of getting across any of the particularly notable actions taken by the school council.

(2) The televisions and website will be made use of to inform students, parents and visitors of the actions the school council decides to take on any issues or ideas raised. This is likely to be done in both a text and video format and will be displayed on both the canteen and reception televisions.

(3) Students may now observe the school council meetings if they wish. Any feedback on how they feel it can be improved can be passed onto the Senior Prefect Team






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