Caistor Grammar SchoolAims of Our School

Aims of Our School

1. We aim to provide a community which will enable all who belong to make the most of their abilities and be happy.

2. We work particularly hard to help our students gain academic knowledge, learn practical skills and develop their power to reason. But we also try to promote learning in many other aspects of life: social, moral, spiritual, aesthetic and physical. We seek to achieve our objectives within a broad and balanced framework that gives a central place to the National Curriculum.

3. We want our students to be keen to learn and to be able to concentrate their minds on a task. We want them to respect accuracy; to be able to handle numbers with confidence and to express themselves accurately in speech and writing. They should be able to solve problems, look for evidence, consider both sides of a question and think independently. They should be able to work effectively either as an individual or as a member of a group. We want them to be confident in the use of modern technology.

4. We aim to promote a positive attitude to sport and healthy living within our School and in our community. We want our students to understand their bodies and to value good health. We help them to develop physical stamina and skill.

5. We want our students to be able to balance the interests of the group with the right of each person to be respected as an individual; to appreciate why authority and rules deserve respect; to be able to work in a team and to take individual responsibility; and to recognise the claims of the wider communities to which they belong at home and abroad. We encourage a concern for the environment in which we live. As a school, we seek to promote community cohesion in our local and wider communities.

6. We assert the moral values of honesty, reliability and fairness. We teach self-discipline. We encourage our students to be sensitive to others’ needs and to be helpful. We seek to provide our students with many opportunities to develop their leadership skills and we encourage them to make good use of these chances.

7. We seek to open minds to questions of ultimate meaning and purpose. We ensure that all students hear the Christian message and are taught to respect other religions but we recognise the need for individuals to make their own judgement in matters of belief.

8. We help our students to respond emotionally and intellectually to art and music; to appreciate beauty and fitness for purpose; to enjoy what others have created and to create themselves.

9. We teach economic awareness and provide guidance towards the choice of a career.

10. We encourage our students to feel positive about themselves without being self-satisfied. We want them to move on from us to the next stage of their lives with a sense of direction and purpose.

11. We want all those who are employed in the school to find fulfilment in their work.

12. We seek to co-operate closely with the primary schools whose children come to us and with other schools in the secondary phase with whom we share projects as teachers or students.






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